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For Safety Reasons ...
A brief Guide To

Plastic Conduit & Fire Safety

Safety should be the main concern when approaching an electrical installation. Product specification is a key element of this responsibility. This brief guide provides an overview of the product properties of different types of plastic conduit ...

What is PVC?

Ideal for low risk buildings, correctly specified PVC products offer flexibility and cost advantages over LSF0H.

What is PVC/LSF?

An incremental improvement over standard PVC products, increased flame retardancy and reduced smoke output compared to PVC.

Lower Smoke Fume (PVC LSF) offers lower emissions than standard PVC - hence PVC LSF lies somewhere between that of PVC and LSF0H.

  • Reduces smoke release by up to 65 % in the first 4 minutes of a fire
  • Lower smoke - Increased flame retardancy

What is LSF0H?

Also known as LSZH, LS0H, LSFH, 0HLS, ZHFR

Containing less than 0.5 % halogens and minimal smoke generation, ideal for public buildings, airports, railways, commercial buildings, data centres and all escape routes.

  • Low Smoke according to IEC 60134
  • Zero Halogen to IEC 60754-1/60754-2
  • Flame retardant to IEC 61386